Windows Media Player Download

Windows Media Player is the software that enables users to play video or audio files. It comes with a variety of options including a tree style file directory that lets users to quickly and easily find the music which one wishes to play. Moreover, a simple search box instantly takes users where they want to go. Rating the music user likes is possible thanks to the five-star rating system, which also permits to group your favourite songs. In addition, producing playlists is a breeze thanks to Drag-and-drop function as well as Create Playlist button.

Creating a mix CD involves only dragging and dropping songs into a Burn List. Then you have to press Start Burn button and thatÔÇÖs all. Windows Media Player allow users to customize preferred bit rate and audio file type. The quality of sound delivered by WMP is satisfactory. Besides, users can sign up with both paid music and video services. WMP makes it feasible to browse different sites and compare prices among services like XM Radio. It is all done without the need of registering. It is also important to mention the fact that WMP supports majority of media formats. The shining feature is the ability to sort music by the year of release.

Taking into consideration the design of WMP interface, it is good-looking and neatly organized. It can be easily navigated thanks to the back and forward buttons.

To sum it up, Windows Media Player thanks to the amount of options and features available in this software, still manages to stay at the forefront of its contemporaries.