Almost all of us are familiar with Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, and a couple of other services from Google, which we use on daily basis. But the internet giant offers some lesser known Google products that are fascinating and helpful. Let's take a look at 7 services and products that we are not aware of.

Let's start with Encrypted Google. It's basically a standard Google search tool that uses HTTPS encryption protocol, that offers a more secure way to search for things. Due to this, no one can see the keywords we have typed while using public hotspot network.

Another interesting product is Google Scholar. This service is geared toward students, graduate students, journalists and professional bloggers. It is a professional search engine that focuses on books, abstracts and court opinions. Analyzes the resources of academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

Google Transliterate is a service that helps users type in a different language, which does not use the standard Roman alphabet. In conjunction with Google Translate it allows you to create complex texts so you don’t even need to know Russian or Arabic language. Just type any text, and it will convert it into the desired language.

Another great service is addressed to world explorers. It is an extension of the well-known Google Earth and provides visible imagery of the Red Planet. Google Mars is just like Google Earth except this program lets you explore the red planet. The provided data is obviously not as detailed as in the case of the our planet, but still Google has done a fantastic job for users to show what the planet looks like.

Google Art Project on the other hand. This site works as Street View maps. Instead of exploring the streets and interesting buildings in different cities, however, it lets users take virtual tours of museums and art galleries.

More advanced users will be appeased with Power Searching service. Power Searching feature empowers users with advanced search skills. The service provides tips and tricks to better navigate the search engine and help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Art Project

After just a couple minutes spent with the service, you can learn how to use Google more effectively, know different types of operators, types of searches or advanced settings to help you filter the results using specialized criteria.

Experienced web surfers should also be interested in Google Moderator service. It is an open forum for discussing topics that enables you to share ideas, ask questions and receive opinions on anything you want.

As you can see Google's catalog is very extensive. Some of the services are really useful, but others leave much to be desired. Please note that these services are highly specialized, targeted to specific groups and professions, so feel free to try them.