G DATA AntiVirus Download

G DATA AntiVirus is a complete protection solution for your home computer. It will scan your PC at regular time intervals or whenever you set it to. G DATA AntiVirus can identify and remove most malware in no time at all!

Here are some key features of "G DATA AntiVirus 2011":

  • Comprehensive security
  • Protects all communication channels (e-mail (POP3 / IMAP), instant messaging (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)
  • Improved protection from viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, dialers, Trojans, backdoors, and more
  • Searches all compressed files and archives
  • Resource-saving new user interface
  • Cutting edge technology
  • DoubleScan: best, award-winning virus detection
  • OutbreakShield: Immediate protection against new viruses
  • Quickest reaction to new virus attacks
  • Also for 64-bit Windows systems
  • G DATA BootCD will find loaded rootkits
  • High tech fully automatically
  • E-mail virus blocker for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla, Eudora, and more
  • Automatically scans HTTP traffic
  • System protection monitors Registry and Hosts file
  • Fully automatic virus scans and updates
  • Virus signatures, software updates and upgrades are included for one year
  • Technical support by e-mail and phone
  • InternetAmbulance analyzes suspicious files