Download Accelerator Plus Download

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is  the most popular and customizable internet download accelerator for advanced users with over 180 million of active users. The main benefit of using DAP is the fact that it decreases the wait time of downloads by boosting the download speed which is possible thanks to the ability to break files into smaller pieces, connect to and download from multiple source at the same time and even search for several locations (mirrors). You can boost the download speed  by 300% with incorporated more streamlined engine that provides so called add-ons.

Unlike the set of features in the application and its abilities, the interface has not evolved too much as it remains simple and easy to use, what helps less experienced users find their way around. It is neatly organized into three sections: Download area for displaying downloads so you can keep an eye for their status, Internet area with mini web-browser that allows surfing and direct downloads and FTP Browser. In addition to top menu options that provide instant access to most functions of the application, beneath them it offers specifically designed windows for managing the items.

The Download Accelerator Plus is famous for the list of add-ons it makes available that lets users customize their download experience by choosing features that suit their online needs. One of the most important add-on is a DAPster that directly enhances your download experience as it minimizes distracting pages which precede downloads. Another useful add -on is the Link Scanner which informs users if the file is still online, removed or expired and also identifies valid and invalid download links before you start downloading a file. It displays a small icon with the status of the download so you do not have to waste your time on trying to download broken files.

There is also a bunch of other useful tools such as Media Preview, Zip Preview, Internet Browser and Video Downloader & Converter.
When it comes to accelerating the speed of downloading files, Download Accelerator Plus is best to use application that supports a wide range of add-ons that lets users customize their download experience and brings the core DAP acceleration engine that accelerates downloads for all Internet connections.