Recently launched by the Sunnyvale-based company, desktop Llano accelerated processing units have already reached the hands of extreme overclockers who just managed to achieve a 4.9GHz overclock using the AMD A8-3850 APU. The system that was used to reach this high clock speed was built around a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H motherboard and was cooled with liquid nitrogen (LN2), which has a boiling point of -195.79 ┬░C. Thanks to this extreme cooling method, the enthusiast in charge with overclocking the APU managed to increase the chip's FSB to 169.2MHz, from the stock 100MHz, in order to reach a 4.906GHz operating frequency. The core voltage was set at 1.792V. However, the A8-3850 wasn't stable at this speed, but it managed to run the Super PI 32M test at 4.756GHz (164x29), scoring 14 minutes and 17.500s. The A8-3850 accelerated processing unit was introduced on June 30 and is AMD's most powerful Fusion chip to date. As far as its specifications go, the APU packs four processing cores, which operate at 2.9GHz, 4MB of Level 2 cache, and a Radeon HD 6550D graphics unit. This includes no less than 400 shader units clocked at 600MHz and can work together with select discrete graphics cards in a Hybrid CrossFireX mode. Outside of the on-die graphics core, Llano chips also feature an integrated dual-channel DDR3-1866MHz memory controller and a 16-lane PCI Express Gen 2.0 controller. After wrapping things up with the A8-3850, the overclocker also tried to see how high it can go on the A6-3650, but this time used an Asus F1A75-V PRO motherboard since the Gigabyte model had some troubles after swapping the APU. With this chip, the highest frequency achieved was 4.186GHz using a 161MHz FSB and a 26x multiplier. The AMD A6-3650 has a base frequency of 2.6GHz.