Asus' ultra-thin aluminum 11.6-inch notebook, also known as the UX21, certainly got a lot of attention at this year's Computex. Now it seems as if it might get even more once it hits retail/e-tail shelves, especially since Asus aims at sub-$1,000 price tag. The info came from site and it Asus seems to really be keen on the UX21 ending up cheaper than the competition. If you look at the pictures of the UX21, it is pretty clear that Asus is going for Apple's MacBook Air part of the market. Of course, Asus' UX21 will have 2nd-gen Intel Core i5 (or even Core i7) CPU insides that should give the UX21 a decent performance leverage over the MacBook Air. In any case, we'll know for sure once this thin beast hits retail/e-tail shelves in September.