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How to fix Asus Crosshair VI Hero stuck on BIOS version 7901. EZ Flash Update not working.

Learn how to update your ASUS Crosshair VI Hero BIOS from 7901 to the latest version. Use this method if the EZ Flash Update Internet option doesn’t a...

How to Fix All System Fans & AIO Water Cooler Stopping After Signing into Windows 10. All System Fans & AIO Cooler Stopping Randomly on Windows 10.

A short tutorial that aims to fix the problem on Windows 10 that causes all system fans and cooling (water cooling AIO Pumps) to stop working complete...

How to Stop Aura Sync LightingService (32bit) Interfering with Easy Anti-Cheat.

A short tutorial showing you how to get around the annoying issue caused by Asus Aura LightingService (32bit) that forces games to close whenever Easy...

How to Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working After Updating to Windows 10 Version 1909.

A short tutorial that will guide you through the current known solutions for fixing Asus Aura Sync not working after updating Windows 10 to version 19...

How to Disable the Q-Code LED on Asus ROG Motherboards. (Disable Red Qcode LED)

A short tutorial showing you how to turn off the red Q-Code LED on Asus ROG motherboards. A BIOS feature that has only just been released for most Asu...

How to Check if Your ASUS Computer Has Been Infected By ASUS Update Malware. (ShadowHammer)

A short tutorial showing you how to check if your ASUS PC has been affected by the ShadowHammer ASUS Update Manager malware. A recently discovered thr...

How to Fix Motherboard, Graphics Card or Ram Not Showing in Aura.

A short tutorial showing you how to fix the problem preventing Asus Aura from registering all system hardware correctly. A common Aura error that caus...

How to Stop System Startup Popups After Updating to Windows 10 Fall Creators.

If you have recently updated to the Windows 10 Fall Creators update and are now seeing constant start up program notifications, the ones that require...

How to Disable Standby Aura RGB Lighting on Asus Motherboards (powered off light cycling)

If you have recently built a new computer or upgraded your current computer's existing motherboard to an Asus board that features Strix Aura RGB Light...

How to Uninstall/Remove Asus AI Suite III, EZ update and Fan Expert III From your Computer.

A guide showing you how to fully uninstall/remove Asus AI Suite III, along with EZ Update, and Fan Expert from your computer. 

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