Asus is working on updating its notebook portfolio with a series of new models based on Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors which will be paired together with graphics cards based on Nvidia’s upcoming Kepler GPUs. At least three such models will be released by the Taiwanese maker, these covering anything from multimedia to gaming. The most advanced of the new laptops will be released into the Asus G-Series, and according to ComputerBase this is expected to sport an Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M graphics card, one of the most powerful mobile GPUs planned by the Santa Clara graphics chip maker. The rest of the models will include other graphics cards in the GeForce 600M-series including the 660M. As far as the Intel Ivy Bridge processors that are to be used in these notebooks are concerned, little is known about them at this moment, but we expect to see a wide range of chips being deployed from Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7 series. All the models should be available from April, as this is when Intel is expected to launch its first batch of Ivy Bridge processors. Mockups of the laptops were presented at CES 2012, where Asus told ComputerBase that the company is ready to send them to OEMs for mass production once it has enough Ivy Bridge processors available. Outside of the Ivy Bridge CPUs and Nvidia Kepler graphics cores, the three models that Asus presented during the Las Vegas fair resemble pretty much their current Sandy Bridge counterparts. According to some previous rumors, Intel is expected to launch Ivy Bridge on April 8 and the initial release will cover the third-generation Core i5 and Core i7 desktop products and Core i7 mobile chips, while the next CPU batch will include Core i3 and Core i5 mobile processors.