Corsair, a manufacturer well renowned for its high-performance memory kits, has announced that introduction of a new Dominator GTX 8GB DDR3 dual-channel memory kit which is guaranteed to operate at speeds as high as 2400MHz. Corsair says that its new 2400MHz kits are the result of a painstaking four-stage component screening process which is passed by fewer than one in 20 memory ICs. Qualification is performed on an Intel P55 motherboard using the company's test cycle and all kits must be able to work at the above mentioned speeds with 9-11-10-30 timings and 1.65V. Just as the rest of the Corsair's Dominator GTX DDR3 memory modules, the newly announced products also use a proprietary DHX+ heatsink. This sports a custom design that cools both the front and the rear of the memory ICs as well as the PCB. In addition, the heatsink's cooling fins can be removed in order to allow the installation of the included AirFlow 2 GTL Cooling Fan. “The purpose of these kits is to help overclockers explore the limits of memory performance,” said Giovanni Sena, director of Memory Products at Corsair. “They’re the product of careful screening, selection, and testing, and we’re eager to see what enthusiasts will do with them. “As long as our customers are obsessed with making computers faster and more powerful, we’ll continue producing extraordinary memory kits to help make that happen,” concluded the company's rep. The Dominator GTX 2x4GB 2400MHz CL9 DDR3 memory kit will be available for purchase from Corsair’s webstore in a short while and its recommended price has been set at $499 USD. As a result of the thorough screening process, the kit will be available in limited quantities. Corsair also manufactures 2400MHz 2GB memory modules with similar specifications.