The development process of Opera 10.6’s successor has reached the final stage, and Opera 11 Build 1156 is now available for download. Since the start of this week, Opera Software offered early adopters no less than three Release Candidate Builds of Opera 11. At the same time, on December 15th, the Norway-based browser vendor revealed that it was going to ship Opera 11 Final today, and the company lived up to the promise. Opera users will be able to notice that a variety of browser aspects have evolved, with Opera Software touting enhancements in terms of security, usability, performance, extensibility, etc. “We have always worked hard to introduce new and bold ideas in web browsing,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera. “But, sometimes we want to take an idea and improve upon it. Opera 11 adds a layer of polish to features people have known and loved for more than a decade, while introducing extensions. If you have never tried Opera before, Opera 11 will change everything you know about browsing.” Opera Software has chosen four new features from the list of Opera 11’s evolution items to highlight. The browser now sports innovative tab management enhancements with Tab Stacking, a feature which allows users to group tabs together in easily accessible collections. Opera 11 now also enables customers to kick their experience up a notch by extending their browser with add-ons. Navigation has also been improved through not only Tab Stacking, but a revamping of the UI, albeit quite subtle, and through a better way to perform common actions related to navigation through mouse gestures. Opera 11 also comes with a new safer address field, which is capable of letting users know when the website they’re attempting to reach is malformed and serving malicious code or performing other types of attacks. According to Opera Software, here are no less than 11 reasons to love Opera 11.00: “- Tab stacking—Keep many webpages organized easily with Opera's tab-stacking capabilities. - A more secure address field—Hide the complexity of long web addresses and help you stay safe when browsing. - Extensions—Add new functionality from Opera's extensions catalog with a single click. - Visual mouse gestures—Learn how to perform many browser actions quickly, with only a mouse. - Search suggestions—Get Google search predictions in your address field and speed up searching. - Mail panel upgrade—Drag accounts and mail items where you want them. - Plug-ins only on demand—Have plug-ins such as Flash content load only when clicked. - Better performance—Load pages more quickly and run complex applications more smoothly. - Enhanced HTML5 support—Enjoy the rich, dynamic web applications and multiplayer games supported by Opera 11.00. - Faster installation—Update quickly; even with its many new features, Opera 11.00 is 30% smaller than Opera 10.60. - Bookmarks bar—Make your bookmarks easily accessible in the new bookmarks bar.”