After seeing the first screenshot of FIFA 12 a few weeks ago, the first actual details about the upcoming soccer (football) simulator have just been revealed, courtesy of a translated French magazine. FIFA 12 is definitely on top of this year's most wanted list for quite a lot of gamers in Europe and the rest of the world, so Electronic Arts, the game's publisher, is carefully releasing details about it to the community. While information has been pretty scarce, now, thanks to a translation done by CVG of the French Official PlayStation Magazine, we can check out the first actual details of the upcoming FIFA 12 simulator. Among the main new features we have a new "Impact Engine" which will track contact between the legs, arms or bodies of players and accurately reproduce injuries, even when they're not in possession of the ball or were used too hard during the end of a match. A brand new passing system will also be added to FIFA 12, which will improve the odds of successfully completing a pass when you can see your teammate, and lower them if you just pass the ball blindly through the field. The artificial intelligence of opponents will be tailored to react differently depending on the player controlled by gamers, and defend themselves accordingly or at least trying to neutralize the abilities of the player. Presentation matches are also included in the new game, which will really emphasize the atmosphere of the game, not just the actual action on the field. New lighting effects, a more ergonomic menu interface and even a better rendering of the benches and sidelines will be included in the FIFA 12 package. EA has yet to reveal any sort of official details, so fans need to make due with the information posted above. FIFA 12 is expected to appear on a variety of platforms, including PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 as well as portable platforms, which might include the new Nintendo 3DS or the upcoming Sony Next Generation Portable.