Microsoft works hard to make Internet Explorer modern, fast and more secure. Now, IE 11 with Windows 8.1 brings a few welcome features, which we described below.

The first issue concerns the tab management. Internet Explorer 11 is able to open as many as 100 tabs at once. Microsoft claims that it has improved it’s memory management and a large number of tabs being opened will not slow down your computer.

Of course, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever need 100 tabs opened at the same time. All in all, isn’t it great to have such feature? To compare, Chrome is having troubles with 20-25 tabs, even with 8 GB of RAM on board.

Redmond company also reworked full screen mode IE 11 in Desktop mode. So that users can configure the settings option thus making the address/search bar and tabs always visible. Both elements are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

IE 11 na Windowsie 8.1

Another great thing is the Smart Instant Search. Whenever you try to search something from the address bar, instead of links to the website, you will get some instance search term suggestions on the basis of what others were looking for. This function works similarly to the one in Google Chrome.

The fourth cool function will definitely appease those who have multiple devices or a laptop as well as other devices such as smatphones or tablets. IE 11 can be connected through Microsoft Account and Skydrive, in order to synchronize tabs you have opened in another device.

This way we can easily switch between devices. While browsing new websites on tablet, we can pick up where we have left off, switch to laptop and open tabs you have just closed. It’s great solution for widescreen owners and people working on two screens at the same time.

The last novelty allows you to open two IE 11 windows in fullscreen mode side by side. This makes is easy to compare sites or transfer files between virtual hard disks or make use of the available space on the desktop.