We can find many companies and websites offering access to VPN - private networks on the web. They all give you access to your computer from anywhere on the internet as if you were home on your local network, increase our security and change IP address and location so that we can gain access to inaccessible sites. We will present five VPN servers that provide remote access to home networks for free.

Darmowe VPN

Earlier this week we wrote about HideIPVPN service for establishing and maintaining virtual private networks and SmartDNS service. Now we're back with the five most popular VPN applications. When considering a free service there will always be compromises involved, and to be honest none of them is fast enough to rival their paid-for solutions, however they are worth trying out.

Hotspot Shield

It is the most widely used Free VPN client in the world. One of the best things about Hotspot shield is that it gives unlimited bandwith and offers access to VPN servers in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. The only drawback are annoying ads that are displayed while browsing the web.

Hotspot Shield

The speed of VPN was satisfactory - capacity reached up to 10Mbps, which is a good result when connected with the U.S. Unfortunately, not all American sites for streaming music and video worked properly- we were only able to use Pandora. It run quickly allowing us to play music smoothly.


One of the most popular VPN server. CyberGhost VPN comes in a free version that will boot you offline after 1950GB of data downloaded . It's an impressive number, but be careful, all that glitters is not gold. Unless there is a monthly download limit, there is a bandwidth limit with 2Mbps.


What's more, if you have a free account, we cannot manually select the server we want to connect - clicking on "Connect to a free VPN" automatically selects a free server and connects us to it.


From economical point of view, PrivateTunnel has the most reasonable pricing. It provides free VPN servers, with bandwidth limit of 200 MB. It's not much, but the advantage is that if you decide to spend money on it, you do not need to pay for a full subscription - you can purchase a certain amount of transfer for a small sum of money.


It all depends on your computing requirements (streaming videos or downloading music eats up a large amounts of transfer, but for simple web browsing it performs great).


OkayFreedom’s service motto is "Everyone should be able to see everything on the Internet and all that is has to offer! And now everyone can! "Service OkayFreedom is focused on privacy and uncensored web browsing.

OkayFreedom VPN

OkayFreedom offers the possibility to bypass geographical restrictions when it comes to web browsing – which means we can access websites or watch videos that are normally blocked within your country. We get 500 MB monthly transfer, which can be expanded up to 1GB by recommending the site to others- for each registered person we get 100MB.

In our opinion, the aforementioned services are one of the most interesting ones, but we also recommend other good enough services such as JustFreeVPN and TunnelBear. SecurtyKISS also provides an interesting service that allows you to protect your privacy on the web.