TunnelBear Download

TunnelBear is a free and nicely-designed application which allows to bypass geographical environment restrictions in different websites and get access to videos or websites that are blocked in your country. The program can easily cope with blocked videos on YouTube or DailyMotion, as well as lets you use services like Pandora or Netflix, which are only available in the USA.

The program’s interface is beautiful, easy to use, and very responsive. The application resembles the look of a tuner in a retro style, and we can easily get around the app thanks to several switches, which start the program and select the region you want to connect to. At the very start, TunnelBear will ask you to create an account or ask for permission to install a virtual network device.

TunnelBear offers a account with the possibility to purchase more bandwidth. The free version offers 500MB but TunnelBear provides an option to receive 1GB of additional bandwidth if you twitter it to your friends. To conclude, if you are traveling, but still want to enjoy your favourite sites and services, TunnerBear is a good choice.