Netcut Download

netcut is a free Windows application that aims to scan computers in the network and provide you with useful information about all machines linked to this network.

The program’s interface is a bit overwhelming, so it takes time to get around this application.

netcut automatically performs scans of your network and pick up information on the connected machines. It includes a specifically designed options for searching for specific IPs. One particularly useful feature lets users select a different network adapter if there are running multiple ones at once.

Once you open the application, you will be presented with the main window where you can check the current status of a specific IP, either on or off, the hostname and the physical address. The physical address means the MAC address of a connected system.

Regarding MAC addresses, netcut brings to the table a MAC spoofing tool that allows you to juggle the physical address of the selected network adapter within a few clicks of a button.

All things considered, netcut is a very nice app that supplies users with some useful information about all the computers connected to one network. It works silently and does not affect system performance. And on top of this it's free of charge.