Advanced Port Scanner Download

Advanced Port Scanner is a free application that aims to help users scan all ports to spy on connected nodes. It can scan your PC as well as other PCs connected to your network. For those who are unaware what are ports, they are so called doors through which other users can access your private data.

The program is surprisingly easy to use even for beginners, mostly due to its intuitive interface and nice ScanWizard which makes everything easy to understand.

The main window displays default ports list thus allowing users to choose IP address and which ports to scan. You can select either a single IP or an entire range.

One of the most interesting things about Advanced Port Scanner is that it incorporates a multi-threaded engine, what makes the scanning process even faster.

When the scanning is done, users are provided with detailed information concerning the scanned, opened and closed ports as well as IP addresses for each PC on our LAN. The scanning process takes time but we can’t have everything. If you need to know more info about the app, feel free to go to help manual which includes some basic information about the available features.

On the whole, Advanced Port Scanner is considered as an effective port scanner that offers a fast engine and a user-friendly interface, that can help you secure your PC.