If you have recently started playing Genshin Impact and love the graphic style, story, battle system, characters, and world. You’re certainly not alone! Genshin Impact has been a major success in the F2P space but for whatever reason, it has horrendous out of the box, default controller layouts, so let’s dive a little deeper into changing controller layouts in Genshin Impact. 


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Genshin Impact is an absolutely beautiful game inspired by the graphics and gameplay of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The world is gigantic, the characters alluring and the battle system quite dynamic, with tons of content already in the pipeline to expand on every aspect of the game. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been this excited about a new F2P game.

For a game that has only just been released, it’s has piqued the interest of a lot of people as it’s free to play and available on so many devices. Android, iOS, PC, and PS4. For whatever reason, it isn’t yet available on Xbox. Which I find quite strange. At this point in time, I haven’t tried the mobile versions but I can say the PS4 and PC versions run great and look sensational on a vibrant screen with good refresh rates. 

As great as Genshin Impact is, there is one major flaw that a lot of people are struggling to get their heads around. The lack of full controller and keyboard key binding support and the ability to change controller layouts. The current default controller layout places the confirmation button in a strange location, forcing most players to relearn years of gaming controller reflex. Which brings us to the big question: Can you actually change your controller layout or keybindings in Genshin Impact? 

change controller buttons genshin impact

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How do you change your controller layout in Genshin Impact? Can you change button layout in Genshin Impact?

Sadly, at least for now, there is zero support for custom controller layouts in Genshin Impact. There isn’t even a list of preset configurations available to switch between. Which means we are stuck with the odd setup that is currently in place. We’ve searched high and low for workarounds as well but there doesn’t seem to be anything on the market yet. 

Originally I started playing Genshin Impact with my controller, however, when the batteries died and I didn’t have any spares lying around, I switched over to my keyboard and mouse. Surprisingly this ended up being a better experience as I didn’t have to worry about constantly pressing the wrong confirmation button… The Keyboard layout for Gensing impact is a lot more intuitive than the controller layout (at least for now) so if you are in the position to use a keyboard and mouse I highly recommend it.

can you change button layout genshin impact
As a lot of people have raised the issue of Genshin Impact controller layout changes, there’s a very high chance that we’ll see support added pretty soon. However, there is an in-game quest that asks for your opinion on a few in-game aspects, so make sure you mention the lack of controller layout support when you complete the short survey. These surveys may seem like a waste of time but for small-time devs, you’d be surprised how quickly highly requested changes are made.