When it first presented the S1081 slate at this year’s CES fair, Gigabyte kept many of the specs of this tablet under lock and key, but recently all of these have been revealed when the marker added the device to its website. Just like the rest of the Cedar Trail based slates to arrive so far, the S1081 is targeting business users, so the company has opted for running a full version of Windows 7 with a series of enterprise-class customizations. At its heart will stand the new 1.86 GHz Atom N2800 processor, which includes two computing cores with Hyper-Threading support as well as Intel integrated graphics. Intel’s Cedar Trail processors are the company’s first Atom CPUs built using the 32nm fabrication process, and feature a unified architecture that packs the processing cores, memory controller and the GPU on the same die. The latter is actually based on a PowerVR design and features hardware decoding capabilities for a wide number of HD formats, including MPEG2, VC1, AVC, H.264 and Blu-ray 2.0. Gigabyte is pairing the Intel CPU with 2GB of system memory (can be upgraded to 4GB), while for storage purposes the company’s clients can choose from various HDD and SSD options, with capacities of up to 500GB (256GB max for SSDs). The rest of the features list includes a front 1.3MP webcam, USB, D-Sub and HDMI ports, a 1024x600 resolution LED backlit 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, dual 1.5W speakers, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, optional 3G connectivity, and a 4000mAh battery. No estimate regarding the battery life of the S1081 was mentioned, but we do know that the slate weights between 790g and 850g (1.74 to 1.87 pounds), depending on the type of storage drive installed, according to TechPowerUp. Gigabyte hasn’t provided us with any info regarding the pricing or availability of the S1081 slate.