If you are enjoying Lethal Company but want to play with more than 4 people, this guide will show you how to play Lethal Company with more than 4 people. In most cases 20+ ✅

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Lethal Company is a pretty fun game but by default it only allows you to play with 4 people. Any more than that just isn't possible without the help of the modding community. For example with the right set of mods, you can easily play with up to 20 players in Lethal Company. To get everything to work there are 3 main components you need to install, so work your way through the steps shown below.

How do you Create a Lobby with More Than 4 Players?

Seeing as there is no such feature in the game, you'll instead need to use mods. This isn't anything unusual as mods add features to games all the time! With it, you can create a custom game for up to 20 people, 16 players more than before. If you have no idea how to use mods you'll find a full set of steps below.

  • Go to the BepInExPack page
  • Here, choose the manual download method.
  • When the download is complete, extract the content from the .zip file to the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Lethal Company

Alternatively, you can install it by doing the following:

  • In Steam, right-click on Lethal Company, select "Manage," and choose "Browse Local Files."
  • Open the downloaded zip file and drag its contents into the game folder.

Once you have this done, the next step is to install the LC-API.

Install LC-API

This is a tool that allows users to go online and notify other players that the server is active.

  • To do this, go to the BepInEx folder and create another folder called "Plugins."
  • Once you have done this, download the LC_API.dll file from the LC-API page,
  • This time install the file in the newly created "Plugins" folder.

When the preparation steps are done, the last thing left is to download the BiggerLobby mod itself.

Install the BiggerLobby Mod. 20+Lethal

Now that you have the first 2 components installed you need to download one more component.

  • Go to the mod page and click "Download Now"
  • .When the mod is downloaded, extract the contents of the rar file to the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Lethal Company

  • If you are asked to replace any files confirm the replacement.

How to Create a Lethal Company Server with 20+ Players.

After successfully installing all 3 of the mod files and folders, the last thing to do is to create a server. The good news is that the process is identical to creating a standard lobby without any mods. The only difference is that now you can choose the desired number of people on the server. Just keep in mind that only players who are also using the same mods will be able to view and enter your server/lobby. This is a common part of modding but you shouldn't have too many issues with this as a lot of people are modding the game in the same way at the moment. If you are playing with friends make sure that they have all installed mods just like you.