If you are using Discord and have a channel that is starting to grow quite rapidly, you may want to add/enable Slow Mode. Slow Mode will give you the ability to limit how fast and often users can post content to a channel. Although it can be annoying as a channel user, it can be an invaluable assist as an administrator, so find out how to enable it now.

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If you’re a gamer or someone who manages a group of people, you’ve probably been using Discord for quite some time and know your way around the basics. However, even as a long time user you have probably only just scraped the surface of the options available to you as an administrator. Discord is full of amazing features and options, even if you aren’t interested in gaming including bots but that’s a topic for another guide, for this guide we’ll be covering Discord’s Slow Mode feature.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with Slow Mode in Discord, it allows you to quickly and easily slow down conversation in channels. Allowing you to put a timer on how often the same user can post in a conversation. This prevents spam posts and junk filling chat and reduces junk you have to scroll through to find content. The hardest part about using Slow mode in Discord is figuring out the perfect timer for your use case. If you set it too fast it won’t do much. If you set it too slow, it will annoy everyone. Choose wisely!

How do you enable Slow Mode in a Discord Channel? Turn on Slo-Mo Chat in Discord.

To enable SlowMode for a Discord channel, you’ll need to do the following. This can be done from any channel, so long as you are the channel owner.

  • First, open Discord and sign in to your account.
  • Next, find and select the Server where the channel you wish to add Slow Mode to is located.
  • Now select the channel, then click the Settings icon next to it.

how to disable slow mode for discord chat

  • This will open a new page with the Overview tab selected in the left-hand pane. Stay on this tab and you will see the SLOWMODE option in the centre of the screen.
  • Finally, use the slider to adjust the amount of time that users can post messages and create threads. Just be aware that anyone with Manage channel or Manage message permissions won’t be affected. Once you have made the changes you require, don’t forget to Save them.

where do you enable slow mode for chat in discord

It’s important to note that you will have to manually enable Slow Mode using the same process for each change you want it on within a server. There is no way to enable it across all channels. If you want to disable it simply follow the same process in reverse and you’re good to go.

How do you make some users immune to Slow Mode in Discord?

  • Open Discord and open the Server menu on the left side pane (it might be closed). Now right-click your server name and click on Server Settings > Roles.

how do you turn on slow chat mode in discord channels

  • Change to the Roles tab on the left (if you didn't do this in the above step), then click Create role. Here adjust all of the settings to fit your needs.

how do you stop slow mode in a discord server

  • Next, adjust the newly created Roles Permission level from the Permissions tab at the top of the page. This is where you choose what users with this role can do.
  • Finally change to the Manage members tab at the top and assign the role you’ve created to the users you want to have extra powers.Save all your changes and you’re done.