If you are using SCRCPY but are having some problems or questions about audio streaming and forwarding. This article answers some of the most common questions regarding SCRCPY audio forwarding. Including audio forwarding in SCRCPY with Bluetooth headphones and mirroring audio in SCRCPY so that it plays on your phone and computer at the same time.

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SCRCPY is a popular tool for streaming mobile games and other content from an Android device to a PC. It’s also one of the most common ways YouTubers record content for videos from mobile devices. While SCRCPY is pretty easy to set up and use the audio side of things is a little tricky. Especially when it comes to SCRCPY audio playback and forwarding.

The most common questions users ask are:

  1. How can you make SCRCPY forward audio to my headphones and PC at the same time?
  2. How can you make SCRCPY stream sound to my Bluetooth headphones and Windows at the same time?
  3. How can you make SCRCPY audio mirroring so that it plays on both the PC and your phone at the same time?

There are a few other variations but you get the gist of it.

Can you make SCRCPY forward audio to your phone and PC at the same time?

To answer the question simply. No, you cannot get SCRCPY to play audio from your phone and PC at the same time. Here's why it doesn't work at the moment:

SCRCPY captures audio from the Android device using the "remote submix" audio source. However, this approach has a limitation: as soon as the audio source is captured, audio is disabled on the device itself. SCRCPY does not currently offer any built-in sound settings or configuration options to modify this behaviour. The audio forwarding feature is designed to disable audio on the device once it is captured for forwarding, leaving no provision for simultaneous playback.

Surely this can be changed?

If you follow the GitHub page you will have seen that users have suggested using the AudioPlaybackCapture API or installing additional apps on the phone to achieve simultaneous audio output. However, this approach adds complexity and may require coordination between the server and client parts of SCRCPY.

So while it is possible, the SCRCPY team has not implemented this solution thus far due to the desire to maintain simplicity and performance. As a result, it is unlikely that the requested feature will be implemented in SCRCPY in the near future. The AudioPlaybackCapture API, although a potential solution, faces its own limitations.

Many apps restrict audio capture, affecting the reliability of scrcpy audio mirroring. If you do want to try a different approach you can try using SNDCPY to forward and manage audio. However, it has its own assortment of issues.

What else can you do with SCRCPY?

If you haven’t explored what else SCRCPY can do I suggest your check out our SCRCPY guide library. Here you’ll find a ton of guides showing you how to do just about anything and everything in SCRCPY. And if there is something you can’t find, head on over to YouTube and drop a few questions! We’ll get back to you pretty quickly.