If you often find yourself in situations where you can’t reply to messages or take calls, such as meetings or driving, this guide will show you how to enable automatic message replies for missed calls and messages you aren’t able to reply to straight away. (including non-standard messaging apps)


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Email services have been offering ‘out of the office’ and ‘auto-reply, away’ messages for quite some time. Disappointingly though, by default, most, if not all smartphone manufacturers today don’t offer a system/service that allows you to set automatic custom reply messages for the times you can’t answer your phone or reply to messages.

This may start to change in the future, as there is now a way to enable an auto-reply system for Android devices. It is still currently in beta testing, however, for an app in Beta test phase, it works very well. The app is called Can’t Talk and is currently available for free on the Google Play Store. When enabled Can’t Talk will send auto-replies to the calls and messages so you can let people know you are busy, not ignorant or ignoring them. The messages are also open to customisation, so recipients won’t be receiving generic replies unless of course, that's your preference… Can't talk also works for a variety of different messaging apps including Textra.

Download Can’t Talk From the Play Store.

How to Setup Auto Reply Messages on Android Devices.

To start, you will need to download and install Can’t Talk on your Android phone. (As the app is currently still in beta, you may need to join the beta test and accept the beta terms and conditions, which can be done here.) When you have signed up to the test and have downloaded the app, open it. On the main screen, you will see three different options, SMS, Calls, and Apps. Using the toggle you can enable or disable each of the options, generally, you will probably want to have all three enabled or disabled at the same time if you are too busy for calls you are probably too busy for messages.

turn on auto text reply to missed calls android

Tapping on each of the headings will allow you to customise the contacts or apps you want auto reply enabled for. For example, under Phone or SMS, you can choose specific people who you want Can't Talk to auto-reply to manually. Or can leave the default setting, which will auto-reply to all incoming content. Under Apps, you can set which apps you would like auto-reply enabled for. Phone and SMS work very well at the moment but Apps is still a little temperamental so don’t expect a perfect response just yet. In the top right-hand corner, you will see the main Enable or Disable toggle which will turn Can’t Chat On or Off.

android auto reply to facebook messages

Below that is the auto-reply message box, where you can enter the message you would like sent to everyone whenever you have auto-reply enabled.

auto reply apps for android

Wrapping Things Up.

Can’t Chat is free to download and use on a two-week trial. After that, only SMS and Phone auto-replies will continue to work in full. If you would like to continue using the entire app, including the App auto-reply element, you will need to make the purchase. The app is quite good, however, it may be worth holding off on a purchase until the beta is finished and the paid (App) function has been perfected to work better with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. It's also pretty cool to note that coming updates are likely to bring custom profiles for driving, office, home environments.