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How to Install ChatGPT as an App on Windows 11

Learn how to install Chatgpt on Windows 11 as an app. A quick and easy way to use ChatGPT on your Windows 11 computer as a desktop app.

Easy Steps for Mobile App Development

Want to learn how to create a mobile app quickly and efficiently? Discover the easy steps and must-have tools to make your business mobile.

How do you fix WhatsApp - No apps can perform this action. WhatsApp app not detecting other apps.

Learn how to fix the issue that is causing WhatsApp and other apps to show No apps can perform this action when trying to open an outside link or app....

How to mutual friends & followers on Instagram.

Learn how to find and view all the people and friends you have in common with another Instagram profile. Instagram followers in common check.

How to fix the Google Play store stuck in an opening loop on Android.

Learn how to fix the Google Play Store on Android devices continually opening in a loop. Google Play Store keeps opening endlessly solution.

How to use a Private Session in Spotify.

Learn how to listen to Spotify in a Private Session a new way to listen to Spotify without your followers being able to see what you are listening to....

How to resize 4k videos to work on TikTok. Downsize video for TikTok.

Learn how to quickly and easily resize 4k video to work with TikTok. A really fast way to compress video to 1080p so you can post it to TikTok. TikTok...

How make apps open all links in Firefox using a private tab (Incognito session)

Learn how to force apps to open all links using Private Browsing mode in Firefox. How to make apps only open links in private mode in Firefox.

How to set your Android phone to switch to silent mode when on charge.

Learn how to get your Android phone to automatically switch to silent whenever you put it on charge. Android Bedtime Mode.

How to enable the Web App Post-install option in Microsoft Edge.

Learn how to enable the newly added post-install option for PWAs in Microsoft Edge.

How to fix: Error checking for updates on the Google Play Store.

Learn how to fix Google Play Store Error: Error checking for updates. An error that stops all app updates on android devices.

How to use Google Translate instantly from any app.

A short tutorial showing you how to use Google Translate natively from any app you are currently in. For example, if you receive a message in WhatsApp...

How to extract vocals and instruments from songs on Android, iOS & Web.

A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily separate vocals and instruments from songs using your Android or iOS device. You can also acces...

How to fix ‘The publisher of this app doesn’t allow it to be moved to a different location’ on Windows 10. (error code 0x80073d21)

A short tutorial showing you how to move/transfer apps to a different location on Windows 10 if you are getting the following error message: ‘The publ...

How to Uninstall WordPad on Windows 10. (Remove WordPad on Windows 10)

A short tutorial for Windows 10 showing you how to uninstall/remove WordPad. The preinstalled word processing program/app on Windows 10 that rarely ge...

How to Get a Google News App For Windows 10.

A short tutorial showing you how to get the next best thing to the official Google News App on Windows 10. The best and the closest thing to the offic...

How to Transfer Music Playlists From Other Services to Spotify.

A short tutorial showing you how to migrate playlists from other services to Spotify. Move your Amazon Music playlist to Spotify or visa versa. A quic...

Four of the Best Android Apps For Generating Hashtags & Captions.

A short article listing four of the best Android apps for automating hashtagging. One of the most important, yet tedious aspects of running an Instagr...

How to Remove Backgrounds From Photos on Android Devices.

A short tutorial showing you how to remove the backgrounds from photos straight from your Android device. Some of the quickest and easiest ways remove...

How to Fix the Windows 10 Photos App Opening Pictures Blurry.

If you use the Windows 10 Photos app for all your image viewing needs but have recently discovered it won’t open images clearly anymore, this article...