There might come a time when you really want to find out more about an image. Maybe it’s something you have found on the Internet and you are looking for a higher resolution version. Or perhaps you’re reading something in a magazine and a picture captures your attention. You probably already know how to reverse image search from your computer, but did you know you can also reverse image search from your Smartphone or Tablet, you can also use your camera.


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Reverse searching for images has been around for quite some time and is a surprisingly helpful tool. Most people generally use it from a desktop computer or Laptop but it’s equally as good on Mobile devices. For example, if you are browsing Instagram and come across an amazing piece of architecture you’d like to know more about, performing an image search will more often than not be able to get you the information you require, things like the designer's name and building location. There really are countless situations you might find this tool handy. Personally, I get the most use out of it searching for higher resolution wallpapers and occasionally identifying an actor I can't find the name of.

How to Reverse Image Search Using Google and your Mobile Device’s Camera.

  • First, you will need to launch your device's Internet browser and go to the following website: (Or you can just search for reverse image search)
  • From the main page, tap the Upload Picture icon and when prompted choose your device's Camera.


  • Now the most important part, use your phone or tablet’s camera take a photo of the image you want to reverse search. Making sure to fit as much of it into the frame as possible. Having a sharp focus will also help Google Image Search find matches easier.
  • Once you have captured the image, tap the tick and start uploading it to Google reverse image search. You may have to wait a moment of two but it’s usually pretty quick, you will get a message prompt when it’s done.
  • You should now see the Google Images results page showing you a list of suggested images that will either be perfect matches or similar alternatives. Sometimes though, Google completely loses the plot, so you may end up with completely unrelated suggestions.


  • Note: If you don’t get any good results, try retaking the picture with better framing and better focus. You can also use your phone/tablets image editor to crop the image to a more relevant size.

How to Use Reverse Image Search From your Computer.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Google Image search you can also use it from your PC. Simply head to the following website: Or just search reverse image search. Once you are on the main page, click Upload, upload the specific image you are looking for information about and follow the steps.