If you are trying to play Back 4 Blood on PC but keep having issues with it crashing during gameplay or at startup. This article will guide you through several important troubleshooting steps you can take to solve the issue causing B4B to crash. Thankfully, most of these methods can be done quickly and easily and have a great success rate.

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Back 4 Blood is a fantastic new entry into the coop FPS space and brings back a lot of fond memories of Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, and of course the best aspect of the Halo series, coop campaigns. Although Back 4 Blood is one of the best-optimised games released, in recent times some users are having issues with crashing. Crashing to desktop mid-game and crashing to desktop when you launch the game.

Regardless of the platform you’re are launching Back 4 Blood from, all of the steps shown below will work and help solve most Back 4 Blood crashing issues. All of the steps listed below should be done in the order shown as they are listed in an order that will save you time. If you also have issues signing into Back 4 Blood from time to time, check out the following article. How to fix Back 4 Blood: Sign in Failed to sign in. The Profile Service is in maintenance mode. 76561198041823638.

Note: This is a no-brainer but make sure you at least meet the minimum hardware requirements to play Back 4 Blood. There’s no point trying anything listed below if your computer isn’t powerful enough to run the game at its lowest settings.

How do you stop Back 4 Blood crashing mid-game or during startup? Disable any Overclocking GPU, CPU, RAM.

If you are running an Overclock on your computer this is the first thing you need to disable. Once you have disabled it, check to see if Back 4 Blood stops crashing. Start with your GPU overclock, then check your CPU overlock, followed by any RAM overclocking. If this does solve your crashing problem, you may need to reevaluate your overclock settings.

Update your Graphics Drivers to stop Back 4 Blood crashing.

If you aren’t running an overclock or have just disabled it, the next thing you need to check are your graphics drivers. Make sure you get the official drivers for your hardware, don’t rely on Windows to download and install the drivers you need. To do this, visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website, then go to the support page and download the latest drivers for your hardware.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

AMD Radeon Software.

Try enabling and disabling NVIDIA DLSS and AMD Fidelity FX to fix Back 4 Blood crashing.

Another important thing you can do to solve crashing in Back 4 Blood is experiment with DLSS and AMD Fidelity FX settings. First, try with everything Disable. Then (depending on your hardware) try enabling DLSS and/or AMD Fidelity FX. If you have AMD hardware you won’t be able to use DLSS, however, if you’re using NVIDIA hardware, you can use both providing you have at least a 20 series card. I’ve been using AMD Fidelity FX on Ultra settings (maxed out) in Back 4 Blood and the performance and visuals are nothing short of amazing!