On the odd chance that you are playing Gray Zone Warfare with a controller, you are probably wondering why you are getting a weird kind of lag that you don't normally get when using your mouse and keyboard. This random scenario is controller lag and there are a couple of different reasons you may be getting it. Thankfully there are also a few quick solutions that will fix it.


  1. Is my controller causing stuttering and FPS lag in Gray Zone Warfare?
  2. How to fix Xbox or Playstation controller lag in Gray Zone Warfare.

Fixing Controller Lag in Gray Zone Warfare on PC (Xbox & PlayStation Controllers)

Even if you have a really high-end PC that can run Gray Zone Warfare at max settings without any problems you may be getting random FPS drops and stuttering whenever you are trying to play with a controller. This can happen with Xbox controllers, PlayStation controllers and random generic controllers. More often than not the issue is caused by low batteries however old and outdated controller firmware is also another common cause.

  • Check your Batteries.
  • Make sure you're Bluetooth connection is strong.
  • Update your Controller Firmware.

Update Your PlayStation Controller Controller Firmware. (PS4 & PS5 Controllers)

Updating your PS4 or PS5 controller firmware is quick and easy, just follow the steps below.

  • To update your PS5 controller firmware you’ll need to install the app on your Windows PC. You can download the app here.

  • Once you have installed the Firmware updater for DualSense wireless controllers open it and connect your controller using the USB cable.

  • Now just follow the steps shown, and confirm the request to download additional software (the firmware update). Make sure you do not disconnect your controller or turn off your PC during this process.

How to Fix Controller Lag in Gray Zone Warfare on PC

Update Your Xbox Wireless Controller Firmware.

  • First, install the Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store. (This app is only available for Windows.)

  • Once installed, open the app and connect your controller using a USB cable.

  • If an update is available you will have the option to download it. If nothing appears you have the latest version available. Make sure you do not disconnect the controller during this period you don't want to brick your device. The update can take between 5 and 10 minutes so be prepared to wait.

  • After the update completes, close the app. Then, go to Settings > Devices, and remove your Xbox Controller from the list of devices. Restart your computer, reconnect your controller, and you should experience smoother gameplay without major FPS lag in your games.

How to Fix Controller Lag in Gray Zone Warfare

Restart my computer as well, then pair my controller with my PC again.

How Often Should You Check for Controller Firmware Updates?

I generally only check for Controller firmware updates whenever I start having issues with a particular game that I'm playing. Companies don't seem to release controller firmware updates all that often and don't even announce it, so it's something you just need to check from time to time.