If you are playing Helldrivers 2 and are having major issues joining games because you keep getting the Failed to Join Game Lobby error. There are a few different ways you can get around this problem while the developers work on a solution. At this stage, these are all workarounds but they do solve the problem so you might as well start using them to join games in Helldivers 2.


  1. What is causing Helldivers 2: Failed to Join Game lobby error?
  2. How do you fix Helldivers 2: Failed to Join Game lobby error so that you can join multiplayer games?

How to Fix Helldivers 2: Failed to Join Game Lobby Error

As Helldivers 2 is still seeing huge amounts of traffic, most of the people getting this error message are getting it because the servers are overloaded. So try some of the options found below to solve the problem. Just make sure that you have also Restarted your Internet modem/router as well and if it has been a while since you restarted your computer or console make sure you turn it off and on again as well.

Try Landing on a Different Planet.

The first thing you can do to solve this problem is to choose a different plant to land on. Some planets are currently overpopulated which is causing most of the Failed to Join Game Lobby errors. Putting it simply, there are too many people on those planets and the game servers can't handle more people trying to drop. It's not an ideal solution but at least you will be able to play the game.

Disable Crossplay in HellDivers 2 to fix the Failed to Join Game Lobby error.

The next best working solution is to disable Crossplay in HellDrivers 2. This seems to work really well because it seems to change the servers that the game is trying to connect you with. While it won't instantly solve the problem and it will give you a lot better odds of joining a game without the error message. This seems to work better on some devices than others so make sure you incorporate this with the first option.

What is causing Helldivers 2 Lobby Errors? And How do You Fix it?

Helldrivers 2 is a super fun game that was recently released by Arrowhead Game Studios on PC and PS5. The only problem is that it was so successful at launch a lot of players couldn't actually join games because of matchmaking and lobby errors. While this is super common early on some of the problems still haven't been solved so you'll need to use some workarounds to be able to play. Just make sure that you've updated everything, then follow the steps shown above and you should be able to play Helldivers 2 without the annoying failed to join lobby error. If you are also having performance, crashing and black screen issues on PC we have another comprehensive guide that will help you solve the problem. You will find it linked below.

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