If you are playing Gray Zone Warfare at the moment but are having major microphone issues in the game, this article will show you a few different things you can try that may solve the problem. As the game is still in early release a good portion of these issues need to be solved by the dev team but we do have a few things we can work with at the moment.


  1. How to change the Push to Talk button in Gray Zone Warfare.
  2. Can you change the Push to Talk button in Gray Zone Warfare?
  3. How to fix Microphone issues in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to Change the Push to Talk key in Gray Zone Warfare.

Unfortunately, at the time of recording, there is no way to change the push-to-talk button in Gray Zone Warfare that's set by default in-game. However, this is more than likely going to change in the near future as the current key configuration is absolutely annoying especially when you use a different key for all your other games.

Proximity Chat and Team Chat Not Working in Gray Zone Warfare.

First, make sure that proximity VoIP is enabled and Squad VoIP. However, you can disable either one of these if you don't have a need for it. If you're playing with friends and you don't want people in the area to hear you, you can turn off proximity VoIP. This means only your squad should be able to hear you. And vice versa, if you want to hear proximity chat, turn this on, and you'll hear people nearby you.

If you're a Streaming Consider the following.

However, if you're a streamer or something like that and worried about people spamming you, or shouting profanities, then Proximity chat is something you'll want to turn off and keep only your squad VoIP enabled.

How to Fix Microphone Issues in Gray Zone Warfare.

If for some reason voice chat isn't working for you in GZW and it probably isn't... There's only an option, to change the default output device, as in where all the audio, including your voice chat, goes. First of all, you'll need to double-check your settings in Windows.

  • Right-click your sound icon in the bottom right and open sound settings.
  • Here, all you need to do is scroll down a little bit to input and make sure that you have the correct microphone ticked here.

How do you know if your chat is working in Gray Zone Warfare?

Currently, at the time of writing, there's no way of knowing when you're actually speaking to other people or broadcasting any sound. Why? Because there's no icon to say that you're speaking. the only way to check is a verbal queue, you need to ask "Can you hear me?" and someone nearby will more than likely respond even if it's just jibberish. Not having an incoming and outgoing audio-visual queue on screen is quite a

Should You Make Any Other Changes to Fix Microphone Issues in Gray Zone Warfare?

At this point, if nothing has worked so far and your Microphone setup is working everywhere else there's no point going into settings and making more changes or even uninstalling and reinstalling your microphone drivers etc. The issue is clearly game-based so you would be wasting your time and energy redoing everything from scratch.