If you are trying to install mods for a game using the Vortex Mods Manager but are having problems with error - Dest already exists. Followed by a huge string of data that is mostly system file locations. This article will show you how to quickly and easily solve the problem so that you can install your mods and launch the game without any issues. Thankfully the solution is a quick and easy one that shouldn't be too complicated for you to action.


  1. What is causing Dest Already Exists error in Vortext Mods?
  2. How to fix Dest Already Exists Error in Vortex Mods?

How to Fix Vortex Mods Error - Dest Already Exists.

If you are encountering the "dest already exists" error in Vortex mod manager, it usually indicates that Vortex is trying to install a mod into a directory where files already exist, causing a conflict. Depending on the mod it can also cause corruption. So here’s a step-by-step guide to resolve the issue.

Before you start these are something to be aware of:

  • Backup Your Data: Before deleting any folders, it’s a good idea to back up your current mods and settings in case something goes wrong.
  • Check for Updates: Make sure Vortex is up to date. Updates often include bug fixes that can resolve common issues like this one.
  • Reinstall Vortex: If the problem persists, consider reinstalling Vortex. This can fix any underlying issues with the application itself.

To resolve Vortex Mods Error "dest already exists" error, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Vortex application.
  • Go to the Downloads tab within Vortex.
  • Within the Downloads tab, click on the option to Open Download Folder. This will open the file explorer in the directory where Vortex stores downloaded mod files.
  • In the file explorer, go up one directory level to view the list of all games managed by Vortex. You can usually do this by clicking the "up" arrow or ".." option in the file explorer.
  • Look for a folder named Site within this directory and delete it. This folder often contains temporary or corrupted data that can interfere with mod installation.
  • Exit Vortex completely and then relaunch it. This will ensure that any residual data from the previous session is cleared and that Vortex starts fresh.

What is Causing Dest Already Exists Error in Vortex Mods Manager?

In typical fashion, this error message is massive and super confusing so it's easy to see why people get so confused however it's essentially a duplicate file error or a file corruption error which the steps shown above will allow you to solve. In full the error message reads like this:

dest already exists.
at Object.withTmpDir (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\renderer.js:168:210)
at C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\renderer.js:989:46
at tryCatcher (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\util.js:16:23)
at Promise._settlePromiseFromHandler (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\promise.js:547:31)
at Promise._settlePromise (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\promise.js:604:18)
at Promise._settlePromiseCtx (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\promise.js:641:10)
at _drainQueueStep (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\async.js:97:12)
at _drainQueue (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\async.js:86:9)
at Async._drainQueues (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\async.js:102:5)
at Async.drainQueues (C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\resources\app.asar\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\async.js:15:14)