If you like getting things for free this article has you covered. Follow along as we show you how to get a free (keep forever) copy of GTA 5 by simply enabling 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your Epic Games account. Something you should already have enabled. If you already have 2FA enabled, you’ll still be able to claim GTA 5 for free.


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As Fortnite and other games on the Epic Games Store have grown in popularity, so too has the number of scammers, phishers, hackers and scumbags preying on users. Seeing as a large portion of Fortnite users are generally younger, less tech/security savvy users, this has forced Epic Games to take drastic action!

Although most people should already have 2FA enabled on all their accounts, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Steam, Epic Games, etc. A vast number of Fortnite users don’t, which Epic Games aims to reduce with this simple free offer. As we all know free stuff always gets people motivated.

How Do You Enable 2FA on Your Epic Games Account to Get GTA V?

For some people the idea of adding 2FA security to an account may seem difficult and/or time-consuming, however, it is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your account safe. To begin adding 2FA to your Epic Games Fortnite account do the following. Go to epicgames.com and sign in to your account. Next, open Account Settings by hovering the mouse over your Username in the top right corner and selecting Account

On this page, click Password and Security. At the bottom you have two options, the first is to Enable an Authenticator App like Google Authenticator or Enable Email Authentication.

Either option will work fine, however, Google Authenticator is well known for being the most secure. Before you go ahead and enabled it, make sure you check out the following guide on making a backup of Google 2FA.

How to Backup Google Authenticator (Backup Google 2FA)

From now on, whenever you sign in to your Epic Games account on a new device, you'll be emailed a unique sign-in code. Or if you chose Google Authenticator you'll need to use the app, which will give you a code, you need to enter before you will be signed in correctly.


Note: If you don’t have a strong account password, make sure you update your password while you are in account settings. Once you have enabled 2FA, you will see the new Boogie Down Emote added to your profile.

Once you have 2FA enabled on your account sign out, then sign back in again, and you’ll be able to visit the GTA V Epic Games Store page to add the game to your library. When the game has added it will be yours to get forever. It doesn’t have an expiry period.

On a Side Note…

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