Skype offers users a very convenient and powerful contact manager. It is located in the left sidebar of the interface. When you start using Skype, you probably wish to add all your contacts at once, instead of doing it separately. You can import your contacts to Skype using the built-in Skype contact importing tool.

Adding contacts in Skype is extremely simple. Just select the Contacts menu, and then click Add contact. This person will appear offline until he accepts your request. When he has accepted your request, you can see when he is online, and enjoy free voice and video calls with him.

In the same menu you will find the option Import Contacts. You can select the type of account you have, it may be an email account or Facebook.

Then, you need to enter your user name and password for the account. Once you authorize your service, those friends who use Skype with the same email address linked to their Facebook profile will be added to your contact list in the Skype.
Regarding Facebook, we use a standard password or a code that is sent as a text message (depending on the user settings). We are allowed to import all contacts listed by clicking Add contacts, or import only selected contacts.

Skype automatically adds selected to your contact list as well as their phone numbers, if they have them on Facebook. The discussed method is quite effective easy to do. In my case, from 400 friends on FB messenger, Skype has imported about 200 people.