If you use Google Drive rather often and your web browser of choice is Firefox, you certainly could use some kind of a good integration of Google's cloud with Mozilla's browser. The solution that we will be addressing will let you easily access Google Drive by a single click of your mouse on a task bar, without even exiting a website you're currently browsing – all you need to use is Gdrive Panel extension.

The access to Google Drive is usually granted by opening a certain Google subpage. Unfortunately, it can be kind of bothersome when you need to open a new tab in your Firefox and proceed into a needed website. Fortunately, we can use the Gdrive Panel extension which will add a slide-out panel with your Google Drive.

Adding the Google Drive panel
The first thing you need to do is, obviously, download the extension. Just like in any other Firefox extension case, you can find it on the official website – Download Gdrive Panel. Go into this website and add the extention to your Firefox.

Notice that after you add the extension your Firefox will restart and  the Google Drive icon will appear in the upper right corner, right next to the 'Home Page' icons. Left-clicking this icon will make the Google Drive panel slide out.

On the panel itself you will see exactly the same feautes that you do when you access the Google Drive website. The extension simply lets you view the Drive website in a slide-out window, which saves you the trouble of manually opening a tab or exiting the website that you are viewing at the time.

You can make the Google Drive menu slide out at any time, you can share or download a file and just close the panel and continue to view a certain website.

When you use Gdrive Panel, you need to remember about one thing. The extension always displays Google Drive owned by a user who is currently logged into Google service on Firefox. If you re logged into Gmail or Youtube as e.g. downloadnetpl@gmail.com, the Gdrive Panel slide-out will be showing the content that is stored on this exact account. Relogging onto another account  will automatically change the Google Drive content on the Gdrive Panel.