If you have finally got to the stage in Palworld where you want to or need to move your base but don't have a clue about the best method. This article will guide you through all the base moving steps you need to follow for a streamlined base relocation in Palworld. Either way you do it there's a fair bit of work involved but you can make things 100x easier on yourself!


  1. The best way to move bases in Palworld, optimise your time and resource consumption.
  2. Moving bases in Palworld is the easiest way to prevent wasted time, confusion, and lost resources.

What is the Best Way to Move Your Bases in Palworld? Palworld Base Moving Guide.

First up! Don't use the dismantle option on the Map! That's not going to work out in your best interests! Sure it might seem quick but the solution and steps below are going to give you a way better overall experience. Make sure you follow these steps closely to get the best results. Feel free to tweak them as game updates improve things as well. Being adaptable in Palworld is important.

Follow this Palworld Base Moving Guide for the Best Results

  • First up! Move all of your Pals from your existing base to Palbox storage. This will clear the area you are working in. Sometimes Pals get in the way and prevent you from dismantling things. Trust me! It makes life easier! The AI is a little buggy still so Pals can get confused and stuck when you start changing things.
  • Next! make enough Wooden Chests to handle all of the supplies you will get from the stuff you are dismantling (15x Wood, 5x Stone per box). Do this at your current base and at the new location you are moving the base to. This is how you will be moving all of your stuff!

How to Move your Base in Palworld - Palworld Base Moving Guide

  • Now that you have all of your housekeeping and moving plans in place it's time to start tearing things down! So enter Disassembly Mode from Build Mode and disassemble all structures in your current base. This ensures a complete refund for all resources invested. Which is why we needed all the storage boxes ready to store everything. Just make sure if you have any Pokemon breeding or eggs incubating that you wait for them to finish then disassemble those structures.

How to Move your Base in Palworld - Palworld Base Moving help

  • You can now start loading your inventory with as much stuff from this base as possible. Store all of the excess stuff in the Wooden Chests you created in Step 2.
  • Now use the Palbox in your current base to quick travel to your new base. If you can't quick travel, you are going to have to walk or use a mount, preferably one with flight capabilities. However, I generally wouldn't bother moving a base until you have a Palbox in two locations. It will save you hours and hours of time!

whats the best way to move a base in palworld

  • All you have to do now is repeat the steps until you have moved everything from one base to the other base. It will still take a little bit of time but it's the quickest method going at the moment.
  • When you have moved everything to the new base, find the base you want to destroy/move on the map then hover over it and click the dismantle button. Confirm any warnings to successfully demolish your Palbox and base
  • You now have one spare Palbox and base to place anywhere you like on the map. When you place it follow the same exact process again to move things across! More than likely they will add a better system that doesn't take as much work. Similar to the cart tool/system in Valheim. However, that might take a while to happen so get used to doing it the hard way! It's a lot easier if you have friends though! So if you're in a shared server I suggest making plans for the big move!

How to Move Bases in Palworld?

Moving bases in survival games is never an easy task and in Palworld it's not much different. So if you decide it's time for a better spot and you've already picked one out we've detailed the best possible way to move your Palworld Base to a new location. Before you go through all of the steps though, make sure you have checked out optimal base locations because you want to move your base as few times as possible as it is very time consuming even with the best practice model. While Palworld is proving to be the most popular game of 2024 so far gaming in 2024 might surprise us! Here's to hoping The Pokemon Company makes something decent after the popularity of Palworld.

If you're looking for good base locations Youtube is a great place to check them out!