If you are playing Palworld on Game Pass but want to move over to the Steam version but don't want to lose your game progress and world. This article will show you how to quickly and easily transfer your Game Pass Palworld Save over to Steam so that you can continue from the exact same point.


  1. Learn how to transfer Palworld Saves from Game Pass to Steam.
  2. Migrating Palworld Saves from Game Pass to Steams.
  3. Why is everyone moving from Palworld on Game Pass to the Steam version?
  4. Fix Items missing when transferring Palworld saves from Game Pass to Steam.

How to Transfer Palworld Save Files from Game Pass to Steam - Migrate Palworld Saves to Steam.

First, you will need to download the Game Pass Save extractor file from GitHub.

Download Game Pass Save Extractor

  • Once you have the latest version double-click on it to run it. If you get a security prompt click More Info and Run Anyway.
  • A new window will appear and show you that it's copying all the save files for your different Game Pass games.

move palworld saves from game pass to xbox

  • This will create a new Zip file in the same location with all of the saved Worlds from Palworld Game Pass.
  • Next, you will need to open Palworld in Steam and create a World that you wish to overwrite. Make sure it's an empty world that you don't mind overwriting.
  • Now jump into that world and run through the basic stuff. Once you can roam around quit the game.

Adding Game Pass Palworld Saves to Steam

Now that you have a spare world it's time to overwrite that world with your Game Pass World.
To do this go to:


  • Inside this location, you will see your Steam ID (random numbers) Each one of these folders is a different Steam account so if you have multiple Steam users on your device, you will need to pick the correct one. However, if you are the only user just pick the only folder there.

How to Transfer Palworld Saved Games from Game Pass to Steam

  • Inside this folder sort by date modified to bring the new world you just created to the top of the list. It will also be the smallest file.
  • Now go back to the Game Pass saved games .zip folder the Save Game Extractor created.
  • Here you will see all of your worlds in different folders. Simply enter the folder (world) you want to copy to Steam and paste everything from inside the folder into the new world folder you created in Steam.

Note: You will need to create a new world in Steam for every Game Pass world you move across. For example, if I wanted to move both worlds across I would need to create two empty worlds in Steam to copy the data to. Unfortunately, you can't just copy everything across in one go. At least not yet. Just placing the core folder in won't make the world appear in Palworld.

The final thing to note is that there is no easy way to identify individual worlds in the Game Pass Save list. You will just have to add the saves until you get the one you want. You can try deleting the worlds you don't want to move from inside the game itself that may shorten the list of options.

Alternatively, you can try using GPSaveConverter it will detect Game Pass game installations and show the save files on the screen. You can then open Palworld on Game Pass and load into a server. Once you have done this the save file will update and the last modified date will be updated. You can this match the date with the Save file name and copy that specific world folder data across. It's a bit of messing around but it is the only other way to identify saves in the Game Pass version.

Palworld move games to steam from game pass

Fix Missing Items when Moving Saves from Game Pass to Steam.

If you have noticed some stuff hasn't been carried across make sure it is in your inventory or in storage boxes. Sometimes stuff you have laying around won't carry across properly. But the chances of this happening are quite low. Keep in mind that there may be more issues depending on the game versions. At the time or writing Steam and Game Pass don't seem to be running the same exact versions. That's just something to be aware of. However Steam should almost always be the latest version so Migrating Palworld saves from Xbox game Pass to Steam shouldn't be risky.

Can you Move Save Data from Gamepass to Steam?

Yes you can move game saves from the Game Pass version of Palworld to the Steam version, however, you will need to use a third-party tool. It's not possible to move your save folder with your character and world data without this tool. Trying to copy the save data across in its raw format will cause problems.

Keep in mind this process isn't completely flawless so you may have the odd missing item etc, simply because the version of the game on Steam and Game Pass might not be the same. If you aren't in a rush it's best to time it so that both Steam and Game Pass are running the exact same version. Normally this is the case but for some reason Game Pass is slow to update...