Learn how to quickly and easily restore the Firefox address bar back to its normal thin state, including all information like http:// and https:// details. Shrink the Firefox address bar back to its previous size and state.


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Of all the Internet browsers on the market, Firefox is by far the most customisable and privacy-conscious. It’s also one of the most continuously developed and active in the wider online community, with a constant focus on what users want and need. As a result, Firefox has become a very desirable browser for those less trusting of Google and Chrome.

Firefoxes customisation allows for quite a lot of change, including the ability to revert some changes back to their previous states after updates. Thankfully this includes the ability to revert the new massive address bar, ‘aka’ the Firefox Awesome bar back to its original standard size.

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How Do You Get the Old Style Address Bar Back on Firefox? Restore the Small Firefox Address Bar.

To begin the reversion of the Firefox Awesome bar back to the original size you’ll need to do the following. First, open Firefox, then type or copy and paste about:config into the address bar and press Enter. Next, accept the warning that appears on screen, and proceed to copy and paste the following text into the Search Box.


When the entry appears, double-click on it to change its Value from True to False. This will restore the address bar back to its original size. To prevent the address bar from opening an active address bar window repeat the process for


Changing these to entries will restore the look and basic function of the Firefox address bar.

firefox old address bar back

However, if you wish to restore full functionality as well as appearance you’ll also need to change the following entries to False (by double-clicking them)




Just remember that you’ll need to Restart Firefox in order for these changes to take effect. Hopefully, the ability to make this change remains long into the future as the new styling is a little bit of an eyesore and something most users seem to be keen to change.

How to Restore the Old Firefox Address Bar? Remove Firefox Awesome Bar

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