If you use Reddit and would like to get around some of Reddit’s privacy settings that don’t allow you to look at a user's comment/post history. This article will show you how to quickly and easily find and view all the comments made by a specific Reddit user. Even if they have viewable comments disabled. 


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Reddit is one of the Internet’s most popular and widely used platforms. There’s a reason it is called the “Front page of the internet”. It’s a place for anyone and everyone to meet and find people and interests they enjoy and what to learn more about. Even if you haven’t spent much time on Reddit there’s a pretty good chance a search engine has brought you to a subreddit forum at some stage. 

Just like most other social media and interactive platforms, Reddit has quite a strong set of privacy and account protection settings which allow users to hide some of their account information, including comments they may have posted on subreddits and in reply to other users. What you probably don’t know, however, is that this block can easily be bypassed using a free online service. 

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How do you view the entire comment history of users on Reddit? View a Reddit users comment history regardless of privacy settings. 

The tool is called Reddit Comments Search and it is very simple and straightforward to use. It has a simple interface with no signup or registration requirements. Simply visit the homepage here then enter the username of the user you’d like to learn more about into the Username text box. 

Although there is a Search query box to the right of the Username text box, it isn’t really worth using unless you have a very, very specific set of search parameters. That said, refining your search too much makes it harder to get decent results sometimes. I’ve used this tool on my own Reddit account which is set to private and I can safely say that it has no issues pulling a full list of comments and their subreddits they have been posted too.

view a reddit users comment history

All information is sorted in post order starting from the most recent working back. As far as I can tell it will pull every single Reddit comment a user has made even if they have had an account for several years. So you shouldn’t have any issues finding what you are looking for. Personally, I found the best results were achieved by searching username, then using your browsers Ctrl + F search for text tool. 

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