Find out how to delete your Off Facebook Activity Log. A data tracking aspect of Facebook that 99% of users aren’t aware of. Facebook’s Off Facebook data log includes information that businesses and organisations share with Facebook about your interactions with them. Things such as your interactions with apps websites and a hell of a lot more.


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Facebook has been in and out of the spotlight for years regarding the way it handles and uses users data for its own financial gain. Although users agree to all of Facebooks data harvesting methods when they originally sign up. A lot of international laws have been put into place that now force Facebook to disclose what data is collected, how it is used and most importantly where it can be deleted from.

Seeing as the deletion of this data goes against everything Facebook does as a business. The deletion method for a lot of these processes is hidden and generally harder to find than it needs to be. So follow along as we guide you through the process for deleting your Off-Facebook Activity data.

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How do you delete your Off-Facebook Activity? Information shared between Facebook and businesses.

To delete your Off-Facebook Data history you’ll need to open Facebook on your device. For this guide we are using the Android version of Facebook, however, you should be able to find the option in a similar location on iOS. Now that you have Facebook open, tap the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next, scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy, then, tap Settings. Now scroll down until you find the heading called Off-Facebook Activity.

Before you continue make sure you read how Facebook uses this data and what apps are sharing this data with Facebook. Scary isn’t it. I can’t wait for some restrictive options to be put in place that prevents apps from sharing data. Now you can tap Clear History to wipe all the data that is currently stored. I would also suggest taking the time to explore Manage your off-Facebook Activity and More Options.


After you have cleared your data and explored the options it will take about 48 hours for a noticeable change to take effect on your account. That said it will not give you an entirely add free Facebook experience. All it will do is decouple the data collected from your account. Facebook will still be collecting data, it just won’t be linked to your account. It isn’t the perfect fix but it is better than nothing. Sadly almost all apps and services on your device will be sharing data with Facebook.

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