It’s taken a considerable amount of time but the day has finally come, Facebook now has a keyword blocking feature which allows you to block certain content from your feed for a period of 30 days. If you’re as keen as I am to start using this feature, follow along as we show you how.


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Having the ability to pick and choose the content you see on your social media feeds is one of the most important aspects of the entire social media concept. Nobody wants to continually see junk that is of no use or interest to them, which is why it’s so surprising it has taken so many years for Facebook to implement a feature that allows users to block/mute content.

Other platforms like Twitter have had the ability to mute keywords and hashtags for a long, long time. Giving users the chance to block spoilers along with a swath of political junk and baby spam. Although it has taken such a long time for the feature to hit Facebook, it's finally rolling out so it’s time to learn how to use it.   

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How Do You Mute Content and Snooze Keywords on Facebook?

On its initial rollout, Facebook’s keyword snooze feature will be locked into a set list of parameters and won’t allow you to manually select keywords to block or how long you block them for. Instead, all keywords will be snoozed for a set period of 30 days and are gathered from nouns associated and linked to posts. Meaning you may still get a spoiler or two whilst trying to block spoilers, at least at the start.

To start using keyword snooze on Facebook, you’ll first have to make sure you have updated your Facebook app, and be lucky enough to be in the test area, (only during the initial rollout phase) Unfortunately if you are outside the test area, you won’t be able to use the feature just yet. Once you have the latest app version, all you have to do is wait for a post with content you’d like to snooze to appear, then tap the dots in the top right-hand corner to open the post options list.

how to use keyword snoozing on facebook

When you choose Snooze Keywords, Facebook will pull a list of words you can use to block content, for example, if you see a post that says “I can’t wait to see Han Solo in the latest Star Wars movie”  you’ll be able to block words such as ‘Han Solo’ and ‘Star Wars’.

Note: The feature is currently only working for text-based content and won’t work for images, nor does it offer synonyms for words. So you won’t be able to block memes or content with similar keywords.

Although the Facebook Keyword Snooze feature is super limited at the moment, Facebook have already stated that they will be expanding on it as user feedback starts rolling in from the test areas. (none of which have been released) Without a doubt, manual keywords, time frames, and of course hashtag blocking will also be featured in time. If you want to start blocking content and customizing what you see on Facebook in more detail right now, make sure you check out the link below.

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