If you are trying to learn another language at the moment and have been trying to watch content on Netflix with subtitles but aren’t really noticing yourself learning anything. This article will show you how to have two different language subtitle tracks running at the same time. For example, you can watch Netflix with English and Spanish subtitles at the same time.

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Learning a new language is a challenging but rewarding journey. It’s also a lot easier than another other point in history with apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone making the entire process, fun, interactive, and rewarding. However, there is also another really good method a lot of people try but give up on, Learning via continent immersion.

For instance, watching content on Netflix with a subtitle track in your native language. However, you can actually go one further and watch Netflix with two different subtitle languages simultaneously. This is what we will be exploring In this article discussing the role of Language Reactor, a handy browser extension that adds support for multiple subtitle tracks for Netflix content.

Why is this a great way to learn languages?

When watching Netflix with two subtitle languages, learners are exposed to authentic input from native speakers, gaining a better understanding of the context, vocabulary, and grammar structures used. This combination of the target language subtitle and a familiar language subtitle enhances comprehension and accelerates language learning according to Stephen Krashen's theory of language acquisition.

Learners can access content slightly above their current proficiency level, with the familiar language subtitle providing immediate comprehension and the target language subtitle introducing new vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and cultural nuances in context. Watching Netflix with dual subtitles also allows learners to actively engage with new vocabulary.

How to Watch Netflix with 2 subtitle languages.

How to enable Dual language subtitles on Netflix? Netflix with two subtitle tracks.

To begin, simply head on over to the Chrome web store and download the Language Reactor extension. (Firefox and Edge versions are coming soon). Once you have added the Extension to your browser find something on Netflix and start playing it.

On the bottom right-hand side of the screen you will see a new settings icon. Click this to open the main settings page.

Here you can pretty much leave everything the same, except for the Netflix Subtitle language options which you need to switch the second language track you want to add. This will add another subtitle track to the playback.

Watch Netflix with 2 subtitle languages

You can also use this tool on YouTube however YouTube’s subtitle tracks are a lot less accurate so things can get a little weird over there. Language Reactor also has a ton of features some free and some paid, however, if you just want the basics of a simple second subtitle track this is all you need.