Starting with the second quarter of next year, notebook manufacturers are expected to release an important number of Intel Ivy Bridge powered notebook designs and one such upcoming model was recently spotted at the FCC. The notebook is built by HP and will come as an addition to the company’s ENVY line bearing the new Spectre moniker that was leaked back in November of this year. Little is known at this point in time about the notebook apart from the fact that the 14-incher features dual-band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n capabilities, but Wireless Goodness seems to believe this will sport one of Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. Expected to be released in the second quarter of the next year, probably in April or May, Ivy Bridge comes as a 22nm die shrink of the current Sandy Bridge processors, featuring some slightly improved operating clocks. The graphics core included in these chips will however bring a significant performance boost thanks to an increase in the number of EUs installed and to a series of tweaks which will be introduced by the chip maker. The switch to Intel’s 22nm Tri-gate manufacturing process also means that Ivy Bridge processors will sport lower power consumption than today’s Intel mobile CPUs, which basically translates into higher battery life. Returning to the ENVY 14 Spectre notebook submitted to the FCC, the picture provided also reveals the position of some of its vents as well as the fact that HP won’t allow for an add-on slice battery to be installed. No information regarding the release date or the pricing of this upcoming ENVY 14 laptop is available, but if it indeed features an Ivy Bridge processor it can’t arrive anytime sooner than Q2 2012. More details should however be available at next year’s CES fair.