Last year Microsoft offered a “limited time” discount for Windows 8 upgrade. Though some of the users thought that it would be a never ending story, from February 1 the Windows 8 upgrade will cost $120, and the Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost $200.

Furthermore, those who have been working as testers of Windows 8 preview build are to face the price. All the preview builds – namely Developer Preview, Consumer Preview and Release Preview – expired last week. Afterwards, using those build will have their Windows 8 restarted every hour “until they've installed a released (RTM) version of Windows”, as a representative of the company put it.

As the price of the new OS is quite high and users are not so willing to change their environment – many of them wants to continue using Windows 7 or even Windows XP – the odds are the new system's stock are bound to fall. While officially more than 60 mln of Windows 8 licenses have been sold so far, it is difficult to estimate how many of them have been purchased by hardware manufacturers who still have to sell their products to real customers.

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