Officially introduced at the start of this month, Intel's Core i7-2670QM processor will be soon available in MSI's G-Series gaming notebooks as well as in the X460 ultra-slim laptops series, announced recently the Taiwanese company. The Core i7-2670QM was designed by Intel to replace the previous i7-2630QM and uses the same Sandy Bridge architecture as its predecessor, but comes with a 200MHz improved base clock speed. Its maximum Turbo Boost frequency was also increased to reach an impressive 3.1GHz, but Intel has managed to keep the same 45W TDP as that of the i7-2630QM. MSI will use this new processors inside the GT780DXR and GT683DXR gaming notebooks, as well as in the X460 ultra-slim laptop. The most important difference between the two G-Series modes is the size of the screen used, as the GT780DXR is a 17.3-inch notebook while the GT683DXR comes with a 15.6-inch display, but the rest of the configuration is remarkably similar. This includes up to 16GB of DDR3 system memory, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M discrete GPU with 1.5GB of fast GDDR5 video buffer, a Blu-ray burner, support for Full HD resolutions, while the GT780DXR can also provide up to 1.5TB of storage space in a RAID 0 configuration. “MSI aims at providing users with the latest technology, giving them the ability to take their computing and gaming experience to the next level,” said Andy Tung, Vice President of Sales for MSI US. “By incorporating the latest Intel Core processors and Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M graphics card, we are arming users with cutting edge technology and the reliability and reputation of world class companies,” concluded Mr. Tung. MSI hasn't provided us with any information regarding the release date or the prices of the new GT780DXR, GT683DXR and X460 notebooks with Core i7-2670QM processors.