A new series of screenshots from the upcoming Hitman: Absolution game have surfaced, showing off some of the different environments that the protagonist, Agent 47, will explore on his new adventures. Hitman: Absolution once again puts players in the sharp shoes and suit of Agent 47 as he now tries to escape his former life and make sense of a huge conspiracy. As always, this requires the player to execute an array of impressive assassinations as stealthily as possible and, in case something goes wrong, to complete his objective by any means possible. As you can see in the new screenshots available below, Agent 47 visits a variety of seedy locations in order to search for his different targets, from back alleys to mansions and even strip clubs. Check out all of the images in the gallery below and get ready for the release of Hitman: Absolution on November 20 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.