Video game publisher Square Enix has registered a new trademark for a Hitman game named Profession on December 22 of last year, suggesting that it might be ready to officially announce a new game based on the well known property before the end of the month. Siliconera spotted the trademark registration and current speculation among fans is that the new game will be created at the new studio that Square Enix has created in Montreal. The new studio is being created in the Canadian city alongside the already existing Eidos Montreal, which has been part of Square Enix for some time and has recently delivered the pretty solid Deus Ex: Human Revolution. When the Square Enix Montreal studio was created the publisher has confirmed that a new Hitman game would be created, although no real information on it was offered. Speculation pointed to a game that would take some time to create and would be delivered for next generation consoles, the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4 that Microsoft and Sony are rumored to be ready to launch during next year. The new Hitman game might also arrive on the Wii U from Nintendo, which is being launched later this year. At the moment IO Interactive, the creators of the franchise, are working on Hitman: Absolution, which will be launched on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC during 2012. The new game will use the traditional mechanics of the series, challenging the player to use stealth and careful planning in order to get through the game, although a new game mode will allow newcomers to also have a crack at embodying the Hitman. It’s not clear what the Profession name for the newly trademarked game might mean but it could be an exploration of the earlier history of Agent 47 or might even mean a switch to another character that plies the same trade.