Microsoft Office 2010 has now been out on the market for six months and the product is still selling at a record pace. Office has experienced double digit growth in its first full quarter on the market and the sales don’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. According to Microsoft Office Division News Bites, “customers are buying Office 2010 at a record pace. Office has seen double-digit growth in its first full quarter on the market, a 50 percent increase in business non-annuity sales, and a 5 percent increase in multi-year licenses in Q1” When Neowin asked Microsoft why they thought Office 2010 was selling faster than previous versions, a spokesperson responded, “Customers are telling us that they like the new direction of Office 2010 and our long-term vision for office productivity. For example, the new features in Office 2010 give businesses, small and large, new levels of productivity gains by allowing them to collaborate better, work across platforms and leverage the cloud". Neowin recently reported that Office 2010 SP1 has been sent out to beta testers. A general rule in the IT world is to not install any products from Microsoft until SP1 has been released; this is typically done to ensure stability and security for the end user. When SP1 does finally make its way to the market, you can expect Office 2010 sales to continue their growth as corporations begin their adoption of the platform.