A special release of the immensely popular graphics editor arrived at Windows 8 & Windows RT app store. Photoshop Express allows to edit your photos with the most popular tools and can be downloaded absolutely for free.

Adobe Photoshop Express - Windows 8

Those of you who use Windows 8 can now download a special and totally free version of the incredibly popular photo editor. Photoshop Express is aimed at Windows 8 and Windows RT users, and although it doesn't have all the features of its desktop brother, it is more than enough if all you use are rudimentary tools. Is Adobe trying to fight another photo editing giant, Instagram?

Photoshop Express - funkcje programu

The "Correct" tab allows to improve your photos by setting the contrast, colour saturation, adjust colour levels, exposition, as well as clarity and brightness. You can also adjust whiteness balance and shadowing.

Photoshop Express - zakładka Correct

The "Looks" tab allows you to apply one among about 20 filters, which contribute substantially to changing the colour balance in your photos. This feature will certainly find fans among the enthusiasts of applications such as Instagram. You can apply colour effects such as Retro, or filters that make photos look as if they were taken in a foggy weather. All you have to do is to apply one of the effects from the list of miniatures in the bottom of the program's window.

Photoshop Express - zakładka Looks

There is also the "Crop" features that allows you to adjust the size of the photos according to chosen canvas, as well as to rotate the image (vertically, horizontally and by a chosen angle).

Photoshop Express - funkcja kadrowania

Those users who would like to quickly correct the photos can use the "Auto fix" features. With just a click of the mouse you can improve your images. There is also the Red Eye Tool that allows to remove red eyes from a photo. The feature for reducing noise is also available, although it is not free - in Photoshop Express you can use it without any expenses only for a trial period.

Photoshop Express - zapisywanie i udostępnianie

After editing the photos, you can either save your photos on the hard drive, share it on Facebook, or place it on Adobe Revel cloud and later synchronize with other devices.