Some may consider the third-generation Galaxy smartphone a disappointment, while others continue to praise Samsung’s new Android flagship smartphone. Nevertheless, the latest benchmark results show a pretty solid device, which seems to be the most powerful on the market. Obviously, we should wait for the final product to hit shelves in late May before running these tests, but the fact that even testing units are more powerful than all other devices currently available on the market pretty much says everything. Moreover, the phone comes bundled with a series of apps and services, which are meant to improve the overall user’s experience, such as S Beam, S Voice and Direct Call, just to name a few. Anyway, those who already pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III will be happy to know that the South Korean company already announced at least a dozen of accessories compatible with the super-phone. The most interesting seem to be the Wireless Charging Kit, as well as the S-Pebble MP3 player, which can be paired with the phone. The S-Pebble is a 4GB MP3 player, which is useful when you don’t want to carry your phone with you, but still wish to be able to listen to your favorite music. What’s really interesting about this accessory is that it can be directly hooked to the Galaxy S III via cable, so users can transfer files directly. With the Wireless Charging Kit users will be able to charge their Samsung Galaxy S III by placing the smartphone on a charging pad. Furthermore, there’s also an AllCast wireless dongle, which has the potential to beat the Media Link HD for its efficiency. The latter is manufactured by Taiwanese company HTC. Last but not least, customers will also be able to purchase a spare battery, a flip cover, a metallic dock stand, an HDMI adapter, as well as a car dock.