Kaspersky Anti-Hacker Download

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is a personal firewall application, that will provide full-scale protection for PC, running Windows, from all the attempts of non-authorized access to data, as well as from the hacker attacks both from Internet and Intranet.

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker provides control over the computer activity on the base of two-level analysis of system network activity. Tracking activity of Internet-connected applications (high -level operations). Integrated analysis of activity of such Internet- connected applications like Web-browsers, mail applications, file transfer application, etc.

Packet filtration of incoming and outgoing data (low-level operations). At this level Kaspersky Anti-Hacker analyses directly the packets, sent or received by computer.

Filtration rules setting

According to the user tasks software allows for creation or changing any set of rules for the tracking of applications activity as well as for packet filtration.

Ability to set up special security rules for the internet-connected applications can be represented in Internet access to be allowed or denied for the particular application depending on its type - mail client, internet-pager, web-browser, etc., or to allow specific type for activity for each concrete application (i.e. to set remote services and addresses with whose the application can interact).

On setting packet filtration rules, it's possible to allow or to deny transferring data of specific types. The decision on the following actions with the packet is taken on the base of analysis of the information stored in the packet header: sender or recipient's IP-address, data transfer protocol to be used, etc. This type of rules can be applied to all applications. Packet filtration also provides effective protection against hacker attacks.

Customized security levels

Depending on your tasks, Kaspersky Anti-Hacker allows for making choice among the five security levels starting with complete protection turn-off up to total block of all Internet connections, for each of whose levels you can specify security and packet filtration rules.

Efficient protection against known types of hacker attacks

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker partly functions in automatic mode. Attack Detector provides reliable defense against such known types of hacker attacks like port scanning, ping, etc.

On choosing some security levels you can also use additional security tool - Stealth mode. Thanks to SmartStealth technology it becomes more difficult to detect your computer from outside. In this mode any network activity is prohibited if not explicitly allowed by the user rules. This mode allows for successful prevention of hacker attacks including DoS (Denial of Service), while having no negative influence on the user performance.

Automatic self-learning system

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker contains an ability to expand the list of security roles for Internet-connected application with the self-learning function. If an event occurs which is not described by the predefined rules, you can add the method of its handling to the list. In this way you can create security profile, which will ideally meet your requirements.

Check for integrity of executable files

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker provides applications protection from the unauthorized attempts to substitute their original executable files. If this kind of substitution detected there is an option to Block any further network activity of this application, due to all other rules in this list will be disabled; or to continue to trust to this application without making any changes in its rules. Check for executable files integrity is performed on the on the base of CRC sums, first calculated on file appearance in the system, and further periodic checking of their value.