Maxotek Password Breaker Download

MX Password Breaker is a unique application that can attempt to brute force into any password protected application by simulating keyboard typing. Maxotek Password Breaker allows customizable character lists of small/capital alphabets, digits, symbols and space.. Character repetition can be toggled ON/OFF.

Please be noted, that MX Password Breaker can neither reveal the password nor can it determine when the correct password has been entered. It merely tries all possible combination. As such you should stop the process when the correct password has been entered.

In the Password Entry & Retry boxes type in the key strokes needed to submit the password and to re-open the password entry text box respectively. These steps (one in each line) can be either a Press command or a Wait command. Follow the Press command with the key that is to be pressed and the wait command with the number of milliseconds to wait.