JDownloader Download

JDownloader is an open source, independent application that does all the work for you.
The program enables to download simulteneously numerous files from various services not only the Premium membership holders, but also average users that don't want to pay a fee and yet want to have the same priviliges. No waiting anymore: JDownloader reconnects your router to skip waiting times, recognises Captcha codes, automatically saves data to certain folders with chosen filenames – and you can configure everything beforehand, leaving it all up to the program.

With Click'n'Load, you can start downloading all the files automatically without copying any more links, clicking a thousand times or typing numerous nicknames and passwords.
And it it all wasn't enough, then for your convenience JDownloader auto-extracts your files so you can watch a movie right after it has been downloaded without having to use any more programs.

All things considered, JDownloader is such a helpful and versatile application that it's surprising if you haven't had it installed yet.